RangeVision Spectrum

RangeVision Spectrum - a new 3D high-resolution scanner, working on the principle of structured illumination. Spectrum has absorbed all the experience of developing RangeVision - it combines the technical capabilities of professional 3D scanners and the availability of a desktop solution. Spectrum has 3 areas of scanning and is equipped with color industrial cameras 3.1 Mpix. This universal 3D scanner is specifically designed to transmit complex geometry and the smallest details of miniature, medium and large objects, with consistently high 3D resolution and accuracy.

Key Advantages

  • "3-in-one" scanner

    Three scanning zones to capture different-sized objects from 1cm up to 3m.

  • 3.1 Mpix cameras

    For highly detailed and full-colour scans.

  • Three scan modes

    To render complex geometry of objects of any size and shape.